Can husband and wife be partners in LLP?

Can husband and wife be partners in LLP

The registration of an LLP is done under the LLP Act 2008. Once an LLP is formed, the rights and obligations of partners are governed by Schedule 1 of the LLP Law, unless the LLP or the LLP partners and the partners enter into an LLP agreement.

Under the 2008 Limited Liability Partnership Act, a body corporate is called a limited liability partnership (LLP). It is a legitimately isolated substance from that of its partner.

Partners’ liability is limited to their agreed-upon contribution to the LLP, while an LLC is liable to the full extent of its assets. The LLP has elements of both a partnership firm structure and a corporate structure due to the partners’ limited liability to their agreed-upon contribution.

LLP Agreement

Like any other partnership agreement, an LLP also requires the conclusion of an agreement between the partners. The signing of the LLP agreement is mandatory within 30 days after the LLP registration in Kerala according to the LLP statute (FiLLiP form).

LLP agreement includes certain provisions

First comes the name of the LLP, which should always end with LLP or Limited Liability Company. There are several post-registration fulfilments for the LLP to ensure the proper functioning of the LLP with LLP registration in Kerala.

Date and Agreement of the partnership and details representing future name changes, introductory partners, new partners admission, business activities and their degree, force of LLP, length, the executives, accounting, inspecting, and so forth.

Profit, capital and Interest sharing ratio; the contribution ratio of partners as far as capital, interest on commitment, profit sharing proportion as well as the time span after which the capital can be removed by any of the partners is vital.

Allocation and Distribution explains the technique for profit sharing between partners and distributing remembering in-between time distribution or last distribution for the LLP.

Terms and conditions when partners can disassociate or withdraw from the LLP. The agreement outlines the methodology, the rights of existing partners, and privileges on resources after disassociation, as well as notice to existing partner.

Partnership rights which incorporate the admission of another partner and their rights from that point. Any partner’s re-admission or withdrawal, as well as notice to the previous partner regarding their rights to assets and rights as partners.

Husband and wife LLP

An LLP with LLP registration in Kerala may have husband and wife designated as partners. To reduce the family’s tax burden, a special agreement can be reached regarding tax liability. Additionally, they can pick any of the previously mentioned sorts of LLP according by their convenience and need.

There are some types of LLP agreement

Equal ratio LLP

In this type every one of the partners share equivalent limitations, the contribution of capital, time, benefit and misfortune are similarly shared among them. The decisions are commonly taken for the matter of the Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).

Differential rights LLP

In this type the Agreement is drafted which incorporates the various limitations of the partners towards the LLP.

  • LLP Agreement in which contribution-to-profit-sharing rights are divided. The amount of profit shared may be determined by the contribution level.
  • LLP Agreement wherein privileges are in the proportion of commitment just, yet benefit rights contrast. Management rights may be distributed equally or in another manner.

Absolute rights

The agreement for LLP registration in Kerala must be drafted in such a way that a single person will have complete control over management and decision-making.

If there are just two partners in an LLP and only one person is appointed as the nominee or investor.

Advantages of LLP

An LLP is the entrepreneur’s choice. Thus when LLP does the LLP registration in Kerala, it has the following benefits.

Distinct legal entity:

Limited Liability Partnership with LLP registration in Kerala also has its own separate legal entity, just like a company. As a result, the LLP and its partners remain distinct entities. This is analogous to a business in which the directors are distinct from the business.

There is no minimum capital requirement:

The members or owners of a company ought to contribute a predetermined minimum amount of capital. However, there is no minimum capital requirement for starting an LLP.

No prerequisite of necessary review:

Every one of the organizations, whether private or public, regardless of their portion capital, are expected to get their records inspected. However, there is no such mandatory requirement for LLP registration in Kerala. The audit can only be conducted by a limited liability partnership if:

The LLP’s contributors exceed 25 lakhs or its annual revenue exceeds 40 lakhs Flexibility in organizing the LLP’s internal structure. A company’s internal structure is more complex than that of an LLP.

No most extreme limitation of partners in a private limited company investors are limited to various 200 yet not in that frame of mind of LLP that can get LLP registration in Kerala.

Exclusion from DTT;

The benefit conveyed in the possession of partners are as of now after allowance of charges consequently partners are not obligated to pay charges on it. It will not be allowed to deduct compensation paid to a non-working partner.

General partner

A person or organization that owns and runs a business with one or more other partners is called a general partner. The general partner is principally answerable for the everyday business the executives and has limitless risk for the association’s commitments and obligations.


Within thirty days of forming an LLP, an agreement must be registered. It differentiates the roles, responsibilities, freedoms, and capabilities of the partners in relation to LLP and each other. As a result, it creates the structure necessary for the smooth operation of LLP.

The LLP agreement lays out clearly defined procedures for making decisions, adding a new partner, and dissociating an existing partner, as well as illustrates the managerial, functional, and executive opinions.

Thusly, a very much organized far reaching LLP sets the preparation and goes about as concrete to upgrade the organization.